Live Quilling

Live Quilling

Shelburne Falls Art Walk

July 18th 4-8

Come see us at

Mormor Art Gallery and Handmade Goods

I am so excited to say that there is finally an image that I am excited to start quilling. It is no secret that I enjoy “collaborating” with other artists as I was previously inspired to make the Eagle Owl based on an oil painting of the same name by Chris Kapono.

Original oil painted eagle owl by Chris Kapono. Chris Kapono maintains all copyright to this image.
Quilled Eagle Owl by Kristen Brunton of Get Your Roll On Quilling. Based on an oil painting by Chris Kapono

I have been scouring the internet looking for images for this event. I happened upon a board on pinterest that had a picture of two flamingos. After a little bit of research, I discovered the artist, Colleen Wilcox, was actually the artist behind a few other images I was looking at. Erin Curet of has done a lot of “surf art” and I had sent her a link to Colleens art just days before.

I wrote a long letter to Colleen explaining how I had fallen in love with her art and how I was looking for a piece to quill for the art walk event at Momor. In my letter I explained my process of turning a painting into a quilled mosaic and I told her that her painted flamingos would translate beautifully in my medium of paper. I crossed every finger and toe and prayed that she would respond and allow me to quill her art.

To my amazement I received a letter back from Colleen and she gave me permission to use her painting to make and sell my quilled piece. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am. Here is the flamingo painting by Colleen Wilcox and my canvas board surrounded by just a small selection of quilled paper I will be using.

This image belongs to Colleen Wilcox and she maintains the copyright to this image.
Colleen Wilcox's painted flamingos ready to be quilled by Kristen Brunton of Get Your Roll On Quilling

I had previously gotten in touch with Tim Jeffs about using one of his pieces and he every so nicely told me that due to a licensing deal he was working on it was unfortunately something he couldn’t let me use. Tim was amazing and his artwork is mind blowing. You should check him out here…

Back to Colleen Wilcox and her amazing work… As most of you know, I am very adamant about making sure that the original artist gets credit for what they created. I love Pinterest and I often get sucked into it for insane amounts of time, but I can’t begin to tell you how often pictures are misrepresented and random people are taking credit for pieces that are not theirs. This seems to be especially true for quilled works. I also don’t believe it’s ok to see something online and reproduce it with the intent to sell without permission first. I just recently contacted Ann Martin of All Things Paper about her beautiful quilled bird necklace and I asked her if the design was ok to sell. She got back to me and let me know that she didn’t want me to sell it because she is actually thinking of opening up her own store! GO ANN! On the other hand, Honey from Honeys Quilling has given me permission to sell her owl necklaces and in turn I have named them Honeys Owls. It really is as simple as that… all you have to do is ask someone. Don’t steal art.

Honeys Owls. Owls made by Kristen Brunton of Get Your Roll On Quilling based on Owls created by Honey of Honeys Quilling

I really want to share all of Colleens different social media outlets because she is pretty amazing and her art is available for every budget. I will write a whole post about the piece when I am done, but I hope to share pictures along the way. If you look on the home page you will see my Instagram feed where I have been trying to actively post pictures of what is going on here behind the scenes. Check out Colleen’s social media by clicking the links below.


Wish me luck and I'm off to Get My Roll On. Please feel free to leave and questions or comments below.


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