Quilled Tree House

Quilled Tree House

The piece I will be talking about today is called Tree House and is currently on display and for sale at Mormor gallery in Shelburne Falls MA.

I have to take a quick second to give it to my 3 year old who come up with the name of this piece as I was entirely over thinking it.

I actually had made the leaves to this piece while I was playing with different color combination using my favorite quilling paper brand Culture Pop. I had no idea that they would end up being leaves or that this piece would even be made at all. It all started off as an exercise to play with color.

Quilled heart leaves for the quilled canvas called 'Tree House' Quilled by paper filigree artist Kristen Brunton of Get Your Roll On Quilling
Quilled Tree House before the child was removed because of depth and sizing issues.

I whipped through this piece rather quickly because of the techniques I used and just the sheer fact that I had made a zillion pieces that later became heart leaves. The trunk of the tree was quickly and easily made by combining neutral colors and rolling them into loose coils. These pieces look like they were made using a comb but they were not.

I also ran into the problem of the little kid lying in the leaves. The bottom line was I had A LOT of issues with size and dimension and the kid was distracting and simply did not fit properly. As I mention in the video, the leaves on the tree we easily the same size as the child and my efforts to create distance between the leaf pile and the tree were unsuccessful.

I completed the piece before I realized I had to pull him out. I ended up leaving the small leaves because they were never intended to be a focal point in the picture. Luckily this is art and it is all relative!

I enjoyed making this piece and I had a lot of fun and time to learn about color and the different combinations I could make with my stash of quilling paper.

Quilled Tree House for sale and no display at Mormor gallery in Shelburne Falls MA by Kristen Brunton of Get Your Roll On Quilling

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