Quilled snowman by Kristen Brunton of Get Your Roll On Quilling

Tis the season…

Tis the season… For change! I have to say that I simply can’t believe how busy we are over here at Get Your Roll On Quilling. So many new orders are about to head out and on their way to their new homes. It has been a grueling few months and it shows. Unfortunately, it […]

Quilled Tree House after removing the playing child. Quilled 12x16" Autumn Theme. By Kristen Brunton of Get Your Roll On Quilling

Quilled Tree House

Quilled Tree House The piece I will be talking about today is called Tree House and is currently on display and for sale at Mormor gallery in Shelburne Falls MA. Shop local… Shop Mormor! I have to take a quick second to give it to my 3 year old who come up with the name […]

Prepped quilling surface. Quilled mermaid paper mosaic by Kristen Brunton of Get Your Roll On Quilling.

Quilled Mermaid

Quilled Mermaid ‘Whimsy’ I can’t believe it has taken me this long to actually sit down and give this site the love it needs. I can’t express how hard it is to fit in everything I do into one day. However, I wouldn’t change it for the world. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, […]

Dream on a Beam the Early quilled works of Kristen Brunton featured on Buzzfeed!

Quilling News

Quilling News       If you’re wandering around the internet, looking for a new article about quilling, you can head on over to Buzzfeed and read the newest article by Marissa Agnew.           Marissa, also known to the quilling world as Sweet Hearts and Crafts, compiled a list of 10 quillers and their projects in […]

Quilled Lantern by Kristen Brunton of Get Your Roll On Quilling! Created for a competition hosted by Erin Perkins Curet of Little Circles Paper Quilling.

Quilled Lantern Voting

Quilled Lantern Voting 2015 Little Circles Quilling Contest Entry #27Posted by Little Circles Paper Quilling on Wednesday, September 2, 2015 A full detailed blog will take place walking you through how I got to create this lantern and all of the pieces that bit the dust along the way. All of your votes are greatly appreciated. […]

Shelburne Falls Art Walk July 18th 2015. Kristen Brunton demonstrated the art of quilling live while seated under her large mosaic pieces that are hung in the gallery.

Quilling Event Success!

Quilling Event Success! I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun I had at my first official event. The July 18th Art Walk in Shelburne Falls Massachusetts. I know most of you probably already know the details but I was asked to show my process of quilling during the Art Walk that was […]

Colleen Wilcox's painted flamingos ready to be quilled by Kristen Brunton of Get Your Roll On Quilling

Live Quilling

Live Quilling Shelburne Falls Art Walk July 18th 4-8 Come see us at Mormor Art Gallery and Handmade Goods I am so excited to say that there is finally an image that I am excited to start quilling. It is no secret that I enjoy “collaborating” with other artists as I was previously inspired to […]

Keith Urkiel proudly holds the poster advertizement for the Shelburne Falls Art Walk taking place on July 18th Featuring Kristen Brunton of Get Your Roll On Quilling who will be quilling live at Mormor art gallery and store where you can currently buy Kristen's latest and greatest creations.

Quilling Art Walk Event

Quilling Art Walk Event I am so excited to announce that I will not only be attending the Shelburne Falls Art Walk even on July 18th, I will actually be quilling live for everyone to see at Mormor art gallery and store. It has been a very chaotic few weeks but I am pleased to […]

This is the set of images currently for sale at the art gallery and store Mormor in Shelburne Falls Mass. This photo was taken by Carrie Keefe and she maintains the copyright.

Quilling at Mormor

Quilling at Mormor I have to say that everything is kind of happening at warp speed for me over here and I feel like I have left the web page in the dark. Believe me when I say that it has been on my mind and if there were more hours in a day I […]

Quilled Koi Fish

Quilled Koi Fish I know I just released a video yesterday to the site showing how I quilled my largest piece to date, Swagger. I also released a video version of my Quilling Comb Hack but I didn’t want to throw too many things into the mix at once. So I just created and released […]