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 Favorite Things!


Everyone has them.


These are mine.

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This inexpensive box by Quilled Creations is simply a must have. It is perfect for packing up a project for on the go quilling, or simply organizing the project for when you return to it. One side is separated into five compartments for your tools and your quailed pieces or any other item you want to have with you and the other side of the box contains no dividers and is perfect for storing paper and larger tools. I personally have three of these boxes. They are inexpensive and because they were made by a quilling company they have a better idea of what a quillers needs are, making this box perfect for any quiller.

The Quilled Creations Circle Size Ruler Quilling Tool is so inexpensive for such a handy product. This ruler is also made by quilled creations so you will notice that there are numbers on the circle holes in the middle of the ruler. These number match up to all of the quilled creations guides that you will run into. It matches up to circle sizing quilling cork board and all of the pamphlets, guides and tutorials that quilled creations produces. It fits perfect in tight areas and has multiple functions. I highly recommend this very inexpensive product for your quilling tool kit.  

The Quilled Creations Quilling Comb is a great addition to your quilling tool box. This is a numbered, 15 tooth comb that will allow you to keep track of how you loop your paper and create your combed quilled art. I have a slightly different version of this comb but it is by the same company. I have used it so much that I have worn off the numbers and I have had to re-write them on the comb again. This tool is for very specific quilling. This does not create coils nor will it help you to create coils, however, it will help you to learn other quilling techniques that you may want to try in your quilling development. I don't use my comb as much as I used to but it is still an important part of how I think through quilling designs. I do also want to point out that you can use any type of comb and I personally have at least 6 combs that I use for quilling. Some are wider or double rowed. By having a variety of combs I have been able to create a variety of designs that have helped to cement my techniques into place. 

The Quilled Creations Quilling Mini Mold, 3D Domes is a great purchase for those of you who are interested in creating globes, domes, people, or any other rounded 3d object with your quilling. One of the best recommendations I ever read about using this product was to save the packaging it comes in. The packaging is molded to the product so it is like you are getting two for the price of one and if you apply a little too much glue you can throw away the plastic packaging and still have a brand new mold.

The Quilled Creations Deluxe Crimper Tool is not a necessity in your quilling toolbox but it is handy for the times when you want to add a little flair to your quilled pieces. It can add a tight crimp or a larger crimp based on which wheel you push it through. I don't use it often but I have found that this tool is a must have for my kids when I want them to enjoy the craft of quilling. This tool lets their imaginations run wild and I love that there is something that allows my kids to see the fun in making eye popping art with paper. 

This is a newer addition to my quilling tool box. The Border Buddy by Quilled Creations is super easy to use. With this tool you can create circles, squares and triangular forms using your own quilling paper and a little bit of glue. This tool has proved to be very useful in making quilled pieces for jewelry. I am officially a fan!

I love this board. It has been one of my quilling staples since I first started quilling. On one side there is a large cork work area and flip it over and you have a smaller rectangular work area and 7 different circle sizers that are numbered and match up to all of the quilled creations tutorials and templates. Use the number to correspond to the items you're making. This is a must have for any quiller, new or old. 

The Quilled Creations Fringing Scissors are perfect for creating fringe that measures out 1/18" which also happens to be the "standard" quilling size paper. I have found that I like my fringing smaller than what these scissors do, so I was able to slightly move the scissors and create another cut in between the original fringe, creating a fringe that moves a lot easier and looks better. This is the second set of fringing scissors that I purchased. The first set was the Martha Stewart fringing scissors and I actually returned them because they simply did not have a sharp enough edge to fringe paper. I will admit that I prefer to do my own fringing with a spring loaded scissor that way I can get a very tight fringe. Recently I had to fringe a LARGE quantity of paper and these scissors were great and in areas that I thought the fringe was too wide I went in and made tighter fringe with my scissors. This saved me a lot of time and a lot of hand cramps. 

The Darice long needle quilling tool is perfect for the quiller who needs to slim down on what they carry with them. This is the perfect tool to replace your quilling needle and quilling slotted tool. This particular tool allows you to simply flip the tool over in your hand and use the opposite side to meet your quilling needs. 

The second book I purchased to broaden my quilling abilities was Quilled Flowers: A Garden of 35 Paper Projects by Alli Bartkowski I really enjoyed this book because many of the projects inside were of varying degrees of difficulty. There were obvious beginner choices and then more complex and time consuming projects. One of the most difficult things was restraining myself from taking too much on too quick. I wanted to jump to the back of the book and make fields of flowers, through practice I learned to slow down and begin at the beginning. This way you learn the techniques in the order that are most helpful and most effective.

This is hands down my favorite quilling tool. There is a group of super talented people who can use a quilling needle to roll their paper, that just blows my mind and it is something I can't do. I own about 8-10 quilling tools and it is this specific tool that I turn back to time after time. It leaves the smallest hole and crimp in the center of the paper. However, because it is so small, it does take an extra few seconds here and there to make sure the paper is lined up there correctly, but he end product is worth every second. The link is to the website that creates this tool, it is located in the UK and you can find it on sites in the US. It is very affordable, especially for the results you

I got this tool because it was the next step up from the previous tool I showed you. It handles wider paper but it does leave a circular hole in the center of your coil. I have found this tool most helpful when I am making scrolls or needing to roll more than one piece into a coil. Had I not of purchased the smaller tool I may not have purchased this one. For the cost of the tools and going on the hopes that one of them would give me a smaller center I chose to purchase the 2mm and the 3mm. I like this tool but the 2mm is by far my favorite. 

My next favorite thing is Little Circles online Etsy store.

Created by quilling artist Erin Curet, she has tackled the biggest paper problems that quillers run into. There are a few main paper supply companies but Erin changed that and she has started two, Yes TWO, lines of AMAZING quilling paper and they are beyond affordable.

The reason I love her paper line is because of one simple word… SATURATION! Her colors are gorgeous, the names of these colors are fabulous and the quality is beyond what you could possibly imagine. Erin will answer any question you have and lead you in the direction you need to go. The next thing I love about this shop and its owner is from a personal experience as a customer not long ago. I was getting ready to purchase some supplies and Erin took the time to help me figure out the best products from her line to complete the project I was working on. Lets just say... she was right.

Erin also has an amazing quality policy and I think it would be nearly impossible to have a negative experience at Little Circles Etsy shop. On top of all that Erin sells quilling tools, beading tools, forms, downloads, glue and the best customer service I have ever had. I get absolutely nothing for sharing this information; this is simply my experience with this shop.

I am a huge fan of “Klutz” books and it is the book called “Twirled Paper” that began my love for quilling. I could not avoid putting it in my favorites section because it was the beginning of my quilling. You can find “Klutz” books right from The Scholastic Store. I also shared my personal experience with the "Klutz" book "Twirled Paper"

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