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I have found so many amazing artists browsing around online and I even created my own quilled pieces based on their images. If there are artists that you believe should be on this list, please share. Everyone is an artist in their own right, but these are the people who have inspired me to continue developing my quilling artistry.

Yulia Brodskaya

   There are two quillers that continually blow my mind. I don't even know if there is a way to rank them. Yulia Brodskaya is amazing. Her works have been featured for so many companies it could make your head spin. I bet you have seen pieces of her work and you didn't even know you were looking at the work of a paper artist. Yulia uses large paper and uses negative space in the most amazing ways. For those people who don’t know, negative space is the space between the subjects. On Yulia’s site you can see all of the many product campaigns she has created quilled advertisements for. If you look around long enough (which you will, once you see her art) you will find that there are animated videos of the creation of some of her pieces. I really don’t need to say more, her work speaks for itself.

Lisa Nilsson

Lisa Nilsson is an established artist of many kinds living in New York. Lisa's art is unique in that she has a few different mediums in which she uses to create her artistic pieces which include a "Boxes Series", "Small Paintings Series" as well as a Chez Nouz" section on her website.

Then there is my most favorite of her mediums, paper. I have to admit that Lisa Nilsson has made me "geek out" for her awe inspiring work, "Tissues Series" from the get-go. She combines my love for both quilling and all things medical.

Lisa's "Tissue Series" is made with quilled paper also known as paper filigree. Lisa has an attention to detail that would make most people go cross-eyed, it is mesmerizing in every sense of the word. Lisa has an ability to not only recognize microscopic detail that her pieces demand, but she has harnessed the power to recreate that detail with a simple strip of paper.

Lisa's Tissue series, in my opinion, is the paper version of "The Bodies" exhibit. It is a fascinating exhibit (though not for everyone), her quilled creations are so dynamic it is a mirror image of the body. I have been to "The Bodies" exhibit multiple times in multiple states and Lisa’s work is like being there all over again. You can learn more about Lisa and her “Tissue Series” of quilled art by clicking the button below. If you look around her site you will be able to see the other aforementioned art series she has done.

The best places to learn about quilling from the people who have turned this art into their lives.

Erin Curet

 I am going to reveal one of my most favorite places on the net to pop in to regularly. This has to be one of the most useful quilling sites you can possibly stumble upon. Little Circles is a quilling website that is written by Erin Curet. You can find most anything at Erin's site, from tutorials, to her blog, gallery of her quilled pieces and even her Etsy shop where she sells her very own creations.

Erin has also started two new quilling paper lines that I absolutely love. Anything that is deeply saturated belongs in my quilling station. Erin started both her "Culture Pop" and "Pulp Friction" quilled paper lines and she sells them at her store at an exceptional price and in most every size. If you don't see it in the store, ASK HER!

At some point I will share the piece of quilled art that I made after seeing a picture that I stumbled upon on Pinterest. I love Pinterest, but I often find myself unable to locate the actual artist responsible for creating the piece I stumble upon and I hate not being able to give credit where credit is due. So you wouldn't believe the excitement that overwhelmed me when I sent out an email to Erin asking, "Are you the creator of the Telly Fish" only to hear back that indeed I had found the source. I shared my take on her piece and she was so kind to me. She helped me to learn a little more about my technique and exposed me to different aspects of quilling I more than likely would have never tried. I hope you find her work and projects as helpful as I have. 

Honey’s Quilling

I have to admit, I check out Honey's Quilling quite often. Honey always has a wealth of information to share. Her site has some of the best tutorials for people of all quilling levels, even for beginners. The tutorials are easy to understand and there is a blog/newsletter that rolls out as often as weekly. Honey breaks the site down into tips, tricks, resources and tutorials. I will proudly hold my hand up high and say that I have followed a ton of Honey's guides and I have created some of the best jewelry pieces and super quick pieces that makes my instant gratification radar go off the chart.

Though I have never reached out to Honey personally, (This has since changed and Honey is as delightful as she seems) Honey commented on a piece that I had completed when a friend posted the picture, and I have to say, I was quite excited! To have people who are established in the quilling world comment on a piece you have done makes you want to quill your little heart out. It's a great feeling knowing that people are routing for you. To be honest Honey could have left negative feedback and I still would have been excited... shhhhhh.

Honey is easy to locate online and she is truly a gentle loving soul. You can find her on Facebook and you can find her quilled items on her Zibbet Shop. The things I have learned from people who are willing to share their own time teaching people who want to learn this craft, are in my opinion, some of the best paper artists because they are the foundation of why this art still exists. More importantly these selfless quilling teachers are why quilling will exist long after this generation retire their quilling tools... if they ever retire their quilling tools. 

Take your time at Honey's! It's worth it!

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