Meet Kristen!

The following questions were submitted to Kristen by her peers, enjoy! 


KU: What can you tell us about who you are and what you do?

  • My name is Kristen and I do a variety of things. My most important job is being the very best mom I can be to my wonderful kids. When I am not playing super-mom I am usually quilling somewhere near by.


KSB: Why do you quill?

  • I quill because I love it. It is the one single thing in my entire life that I have found to be calming and beautiful. I have always struggled with being a multitasker. I will do as many things at one time that I can possibly do, but with quilling I have learned to slow down and be in the moment. Enjoy what I am making. Feel the paper roll through my fingers, knowing that in the end I will have created something beautiful… or HORRIBLE. It’s true sometimes things just don’t turn out the way you want them to, and it is those projects that benefit my children the most because they love playing with my extra quilled pieces I wont use, often turning them into collages.


VW: Where do you quill?

  • I’m a spontaneous quiller. I get an idea and I tackle it. Most often I quill wherever the kids haven’t claimed as their own for that day. I actually have a very organized quilling area that is blocked off so my kids don’t get into it and in all honesty it has prevented me from getting into it as well. But I’m organized!!!


VW: Where did you learn about quilling?

  • My background in quilling is quite organic in nature. I have always struggled with “art”. I can’t draw to save my life and painting is just drawing with sloppier results, in my case. I happened upon quilling by accident. In an effort to keep my kids stimulated mentally I am regularly holding activity times in our house. I ordered a book from a company I love, the “Klutz” Book Company. They make books for kids to adults alike. Each book comes with the history of the project or activity, heaps of extra information, very explicit instructions and every single tool you will need to complete the project at hand. Most books come with information on how to go further with a project if you have found one you really enjoy. I wrote an article about it here Klutz Book Review. The reason I stuck with the quilling was because it just simply isn’t a project that my kids can do the traditional way. They are not old enough and simply don’t have the fine motor skills to complete a project, but I am often commissioned with promises of hugs and love if I make them a robot or bug.


KSB: What makes you an artist?

  • That’s a hard question for me to answer. I have always looked at art as something I can’t do or something I don’t do well. It just took a little while to find the art that was right for me.


KU: What’s does it take to be a quiller?

  • Love and passion. That is it. If you don’t love what you’re doing and you don’t have the passion to learn and do everything you possibly can, you may want to find a different outlet.


KU: Explain your quilling in less then 100 words

  • I bend, roll, twist, fold, spin, husk and coil pieces of paper that allow me to create a cohesive and exciting image. There are many techniques and mine is very specific to me. I don’t see people quilling the same way I do, and that’s the fun in quilling. The variety of style is never ending.  There are so many different styles you just simply couldn’t learn everything in a lifetime. However, there are paper artists that have left an amazing impact upon the world.


VW: How has your quilling changed from when you started to now?

  • I have learned so many things… mostly through trial and error. I have had the pleasure of interacting with some other quilling artists who have helped me understand and develop my style and my techniques. My greatest teacher to date is Erin Curet of she has selflessly answered every random obnoxious question I have ever asked about quilling. She is a teacher at heart and a natural born artist with amazing ideas.


KSB: What specific form of quilling do you identify with the most?

  • I don’t think I have been quilling long enough to know what I identify the most with. I practice many types of quilling and I learn something new every time I pick up a tool.


KSB: What type of quilling gives you the most gratification?

  • I love creating pieces that I know are going to bring joy and happiness to the recipient. I really pump myself up and get excited when I know I am making something for someone who will appreciate every spin of my fingers as much as I do. I love the surprise.


KU: What are your favorite quilling themes?

  • As of late I would have to say I am quilling under the umbrella of a "nature" theme but I have recently taken to creating a lot of floral designs.


VW: What other jobs have you had?

  • Photographer, video editor, website builder, writer, customer support rep, super-mom, super-wife, super-me.


KSB: Why art?

  •  Why not art? I finally found an art that loves me as much as I love it. Quilling and I were meant to be!


KU: What memorable responses have you had to your work?

  • It is always a pleasure when someone sees my work and their first question is where can I get one?


VW: Is the artistic life lonely? What do you do to counteract it?

  • I think it could be, but I found my love for quilling after my life was full of many other wonderful things. If quilling hadn’t of worked out, I have a life second to none. Children that make my world go round and a partner who tells me how truly remarkable I am every day.


KSB: What do you dislike the most about the art world and the people in it?

  • Often times quilling or paper filigree is called “paper craft” and as a museum curator once told me the word “craft” can’t be involved or people wont come. Isn’t everything crafted?


KSB: What do you like about your work?

  • It is the first thing I have found in my life that slows me down and allows me to be in the moment. It is the only thing that allows me to just “be”


KU: Do you research for your quilling?

  • I am all over pinterest and google images as well as watching videos on Youtube of other people quilling. I watch and I teach myself through watching other people. Not a day goes by that I am not looking at other artists quilling work.


KSB: What project do you want to do but haven't done yet?

  • I have a fantastic idea for a baby mobile that I have not been able to execute the way I would like to. Someday I hope that I can figure out my idea enough to actually turn it into something tangible.


KU: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

  • Don’t restrict yourself from trying different techniques and paper sizes. Each different form of quilling offers a different outcome and a different sense of accomplishment.



KSB: What wouldn’t you do without?

  • Other artists. I am no pioneer in the quilling world but the quilling elite push me to be better.


KU: What Tools & Supplies Do I Need to Start?

  • Paper, glue, a quilling needle or slotted tool and an idea


KU: Is Quilling Difficult to Learn?

  • I learned from a children's book and kept going by looking at other peoples pictures and applying trial and error.


I look forward to sharing a lot more in the near future. Thank you to my friend who helped to write this interview. I love you all. Get Your Roll On!!!!!

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