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11"x14" Quilled Mermaid by Kristen Brunton


12'x16" quilled canvas by Kristen Brunton

Tree House

"Koi" Quilled Koi Fish by Kristen Brunton

11x14" Gallery Wraped Frame

"Swagger" the Quilled Peacock

20"x16" Gallery wrapped frame by Kristen Brunton

"Dream on a Beam" Quilled art by Kristen Brunton

11"x14" Quilled Canvas, based on a painting by a Michigan artist.

"Fly Away With Me" Quilled art by Kristen Brunton

9"x12" unframed canvas board hot air balloon.

le parapluie (the Umbrella)

A stunning 3D quilled creation brought to life by paper filigree artist Kristen Brunton.

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