Quilling Comb Hack

Quilling Comb Hack

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I wanted to take a quick minute to share a little “quilling hack” that I like to use. There are many different quilling techniques and you may find yourself using a quilling comb or any comb you may run into. In fact, for me, I have tried just about every kind of comb and brush looking to achieve different results. I will share my different experiences with different types of combs on here very soon because I started learning about combs early on. I even was able to create a flexible design that would intertwine with another piece locking it together almost like a quilled zipper (one of my finer quilling moments).

When I was learning how to use the comb I found it very difficult to get the project started. How could I start a combing project with a little more ease? Especially when I was so new to quilling and my fingers worked more like bumbling sausage fingers.

Quilling Combing Tutorial, Quilling comb hacks, rolling the paper around the quilling tools barrel
Adding glue to strengthen your hollow shape to slide onto the comb prong easily
Basic Quilling Comb Tools used for a simple quilling hack

I found that the most important thing when beginning is to have a firm hold on the paper and the ability to get it where you need to without over gluing, uneven edges  or just sheer frustration. I took a quilling tool by Paplin called the “Ultimate Quilling Tool” and I started off as if I was getting ready to make a coil. As I was getting close to wrapping the paper all the way around the barrel of the tool I added a bit of glue.


After adding a drop of glue, I give the paper a spin or two more and the glue spreads as the paper spins. I then take that opportunity to let the paper dry a bit and I simply slide the paper off of the barrel of the slotted quilling tool. The reason this trick works with this tool is because the tools barrel is round with only one side allowing the paper to enter instead of the traditional full slotted tool where the paper can go in either side. So this allows the paper to hold the rounded shape, and with the little bit of glue added while spinning allows the paper to slightly harden and keep its structure.

Quilled Hollow Center created by gluing the paper around the barrel of a quilling tool so that you can easily slide it on to a quilling comb for easy and stable use.
Quilling Comb Start. By creating the hollow center you can simply slide it on to the prong of the quilling comb and you can start with a stable piece of paper as you learn the ropes of using a quilling comb.
creating the hollow shape to slide onto the comb prong easily

So once you slide the paper off of this tool you will see how easily it slides on to any one of the comb prongs allowing you to have the availability to figure out what you want to do with your project. Most importantly allowing you the stability to use the paper evenly and the ease of adding the right amount of glue where you need it without over gluing. Once you have used the comb to make your design you simply slide it off of the quilling tool. I have projects where you can see the rounded hole I created before starting a combed piece and some projects I simply go in and snip out the circle all together.


In the end it’s a simple way to use a tool that could otherwise be seen as cumbersome and difficult for beginners. You can do this with any tool that allows you to create a hollow center. I have found that most traditional quilling tools don’t allow a large enough center so the paper can slide on to the comb prong. You will have no difficulty with the Ultimate Quilling Tool

Quilling Comb Shape is completed and you can slide the shape off of the comb and cut out the pre-made center or leave it in for a different look.

Enjoy this easy to use hack to get you familiar with how the quilling comb works and getting the best results from the beginning.


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