Understanding Links

Understanding Links

What goes on when I click a link on your page?


     There are two different types of links you will find on Get Your Roll On Quilling! There are affiliate links and non-affiliate links. Non-affiliate links are direct links to other pages that I receive absolutely no compensation from. I am simply sharing a website or a resource that I have grown to like or use regularly in honing my quilling craft and technique.

     Affiliate links are links to site where if you make a purchase I will receive a very small portion of your purchase for referring you to the site that is selling the product. This percentage that I get does not come out of your pocket at all. It comes directly from the website that you would make the purchase from regardless, as their way of “thanking me” for sending you to their site. I repeat this does not cost you any more money at all.

     I have recently poured a ton of time into selecting specific products and putting them into categories on Amazon that will allow you to easily find the products I use and feature with ease. I have been adding information under these products in the “Store” that Amazon creates from my different lists. I tell you if I use the products or if they are simply on my wishlist. However, most products I have used and I will answer any questions you have about them.

     Remember, by clicking on affiliate links you will be supporting myself and the website so I can continue to provide you with tutorials and downloads and any personal communications I have with you on the site or on any other social media platform.

     We do NOT track you. We do NOT save your information. We do NOT sell OR share your information with ANYONE. We have even created this site with the reader in mind, allowing you to sign up and sign in with your preexisting social media account so that you do not have to divulge any additional information.

     We are always working to make sure you have the most enjoyable experience possible and if you have any questions or concerns we urge you to get in touch with us.

Thank you for supporting Get Your Roll On Quilling!

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